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Mace Robinson

Mace RobinsonyMace Robinson is the Executive Director for the Central NC Chapter of the Eastern North Carolina Region for the American Red Cross. His responsible territory includes the Research Triangle Park of Eastern NC. Notable in his current position, Mace has begun building and strengthening partnerships between HBCUs and the American Red Cross. Mace is a military retiree with 23 years of proud service to this country. Throughout his career he served world-wide assignments to include multiple tours of duty in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Mace’s greatest strengths are his drive to succeed, talent assessment and leadership. He thrives on the challenges that expand beyond the reach of the organization.

Mace has a passion for mentorship, community resiliency and preparedness, as well as being a member of the ESCU Emergency Management and Aviation Advisory Board. Most recently he is also a graduate of the Duke Non-Profit Management Program and will begin his Ph.D. journey in the spring. In his spare time, Mace is a woodworker that appreciates the possibilities of old forgotten pieces of furniture that can be repurposed or brought back to life. His home church is Smith Chapel FWB Church pastored by Elder Antonio Blow.