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The AETC Capitol Region

Telehealth Project

Study GroupThe AETC Capitol Region Telehealth Project at the Howard University College of Medicine served as a resource and training portal for health professionals and practices in their delivery of culturally and linguistically competent services to patients at high risk for or who have HIV/AIDS and/or co-infections. Resources developed by the project and housed on this website provide access to and augments training of providers, especially those who see low numbers of patients with HIV/AIDS, via archived Webinars with leading experts in the field.

Drawing on two decades of resource collection and development by the university’s AETC projects, the website also provides access to a series of “Telehealth 101” resources that gather the latest research in the field on the effectiveness of telehealth and treating patients with HIV/AIDS; cultural and linguistic competence as important telehealth components; and the latest evidence-driven practices in telehealth. A portal on the website links users to other federally-funded telehealth centers and to sources of best practices for technology, HIV/AIDS care, and cultural and linguistic competence.

The main goals of the project were:

Project Resources