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Knowledge Center

The following resources are available from the AETC Capitol Region Telehealth Knowledge Center as well as repository locations of our collaborative partners.

To select an article or resource from the Knowledge Center, click on the categories below under table of contents.

Table of Contents

Telehealth and HIV/AIDS
Current resources in how telehealth is advancing the diagnosis and treatment of persons with HIV/AIDS.

Telehealth and Cultural Competence
Current resources in how cultural and linguistic competence can be practiced via telehealth.

Telehealth and Technology
Current resources in how technology is changing the field of health from a distance.

HIV and Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Current resources in the area of HIV and Complementary and Alternative Medicine: (e.g., herbs, massages, meditation) and alternative (traditional) medicine and HIV treatment.

HIV Health Literacy (Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service (CLAS)
Current resources on HIV Health Literacy; issues relative to the design and delivery of culturally and linguistically accessible and responsive health and social services.

Marginalized/Vulnerable Populations
Current resources on Marginalized/Vulnerable Populations: LGBT; Incarcerated and Newly Released; Migrants; Immigrants; Seniors; Pregnant Women; Homeless; English as a Second Language communities; Dually and Triply Diagnose. More...

Providers and Provider Stigma
Current resources on Providers and Provider Stigma: international providers, the effects of provider stigma on patient care seeking, utilization, retention in care, and outcomes.

Materials and Webinars from the AETC-NMC
Downloadable cultural and linguistic competency focused books, reference materials, and webinars that represent the past decade of work from the AETC-National Multicultural Center.

On the Shelf and Seminal Cultural Competency and HIV Research and Reports
A variety of classic articles, journals and research papers written about cultural and linguistic competency and HIV/AIDS from the past fifteen years.

Multimedia Resources: Videos to View
Cultural competency videos, podcasts, and other multimedia resources pertaining to improving provider to patient relationships through culturally competent HIV/AIDS Health Care.

Also see our A-Z list of all resources.