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Study GroupThe Howard University College of Medicine Center of Excellence (HUCOM-CoE) designs, develops, pilots, and evaluates a virtual curriculum and supportive programming to enhance the capacity of Black undergraduate students at Historically Black colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in successfully applying to and completing medical school.

The HUCOM-CoE also improves the cultural competence of medical education, broadening its focus to address patients’ social determinants of health, and creates a supportive environment for health equity and disparities research, particularly student-initiated studies.

We achieve these aims by planning and piloting CoE operations during Years 1 and 2 in partnership with Talladega College, an HBCU located in Talladega, Alabama.

We will then expand the CoE to include students from Winston Salem State University in North Carolina and the University of the Virgin Islands, both HBCUs.

Thanks for visiting our new website. We will be adding information in the coming weeks, so please check back soon!

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