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Dr. Kevin Kupietz

Dr. Kevin KupietzDr. Kevin Kupietz, is the Chair for the Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) Department of Aviation and Emergency Management. He is a NC certified Firefighter/Paramedic with over twenty years of emergency response experience with local, state, and federal agencies. He comes with a diverse emergency response and educational background with teaching certifications in a variety of emergency service topics. He has been in Emergency services higher education for twenty years teaching initial courses for job certifications, specialized fire/rescue classes as well as graduate and under-graduate programs, literally having taught thousands of students. His academic interests have included emergency responder safety, autism victims in disasters, preparedness education, business resiliency, emergency service leadership, and other related topics with several articles and publications. He has been a recognized speaker at local, state and national venues in the realm of public safety and is a big believer in the power of education to make communities safer through cooperative ventures. He is known for his passion in passing on knowledge to others, believing that knowledge is power. He lives by the saying that if you are not having fun, you are not doing it right and tries to apply this saying in everything that he does.