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Ashley Davis

Ashley DavisAshley Davis currently serves as the Emergency Management Director and Assistant Vice President for Florida A&M University and has been entrenched in field work, and worked in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), in response to a variety of disasters including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, oil spills, wildfires, and pandemics since 2006.

The disaster that really launched his career—Hurricane Ivan—preceded his professional field work, SEOC experience, and disaster service. During the summer of 2004, Ashley lived in Pensacola, Florida and operated at a yacht club on the Gulf Coast. When Hurricane Ivan pummeled the city that summer as a strong Category 3 storm, Ashley was left without a home and a yacht club that had, quite literally, washed away. Soon after, Ashley transferred to Tallahassee, Florida where he studied Emergency Management and Homeland Security at the Florida State University at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

In 2006, while working on his graduate degree, he worked for FDEM as a Radiological Emergency Preparedness Planner and, shortly thereafter, was promoted to Hurricane Evacuation Manager under the leadership of Craig W. Fugate, formerly the Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator. Ashley left FDEM in 2009 to work for the Florida Department of Transportation emergency management team, returned to FDEM in 2012 to serve as Deputy Chief of Operations, 2015 was promoted to Chief of Operations, and in 2018 promoted to Bureau Chief of Response. In 2018, Ashley was promoted to Bureau Chief of Response and manages the following sections: Operations, Infrastructure, Logistics, All-Hazards Incident Management Teams, Hazardous Materials, Radiological Emergency Preparedness, and Air Operations. He has responded or deployed to over 62 events which have included 35 Major Federally Declared Disasters that have directly impacted the state of Florida or our nation.