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Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
School Size: 6,000 undergraduates
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Tennessee state was founded in 1912. TSU was originally a normal-school but now has grown to be known as a nationally recognized institution. This university has two different campuses. The main campus is located near the Cumberland River. The other campus is located in downtown Nashville. The first students to attend TSU started on June 19, 1912.  As time progressed the school started to gain size and by the year of 1922 they were able to grant bachelor degrees to its students. Throughout the 1940s and 50’s this university was able to make progress towards becoming an established university. In 1951 TSU was given university status. TSU has continued to grow and develop into a premier institution that prides itself on producing well educated professionals. Students from all over the globe choose TSU to further their education in more than 45 bachelor’s degree programs, 24 master’s degree options, and seven doctoral areas. The university has been served by seven presidents, including Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover, who is currently serving as their eighth president.