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U.S. Virgin Islands flagU.S. Virgin Islands

Location: Caribbean Sea
Population: 106,290 (2020)
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The first people known to stay in the Virgin Islands are Ciboney, Caribs, and Arawaks. Around the 1600’s many countries started to take interest in this area. Eventually the French got control over the Virgin Islands. They eventually sold it to a Danish West Indian company. Since Agriculture was a big part of the economy slaves were needed. In 1685 a treaty was signed allowing slaves to be sold as goods. In the 1900’s the Virgin Islands started to see a turn once it was bought by the U.S.

COVID-19 played a major part in affecting the healthcare systems of the Virgin Islands. Hurricanes have made things tougher in the health care area too. As things have started to progress past these events, healthcare systems are starting to get more focus.  The Virgin Islands government has proposed the Healthier Horizons plan. This included many additions to the healthcare system such as improving healthcare facilities and associated health care plans.

For many years the Virgin Islands has had one of highest prevalence rates of HIV in the U.S. Territory. Those who have HIV are usually within the ages 25-54. The prevalence of HCV is 2.06% of the national population.

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