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Grenada flagGrenada

Location: Eastern Caribbean
Population: 112,519 (2020)
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The first people to live in Grenada were the Ciboneys. The name Grenada came from the many different sailors who would pass by. They said that Grenada looked like their hometowns. The island of Grenada went back and forth from Britain to France until France ultimately got it once they signed a treaty. Officially in 1974 Grenada gained its independence from Britain. Sir Eric Gairy served as the first leader.

In Grenada, the healthcare system is managed by the Ministry of Health (MOH). They have oversight over financial decisions as well as policies that affect the different health facilities. Though there is no national health insurance, everyone must still participate within the social security program. In Grenada it is estimated that around 9% of the population uses private health care.

HIV prevalence has been steadily increasing. In 2012 it stated as being .59%. Then by the end of 2015 the number of cases reached 570. These numbers are only accurate for showing the numbers that have been recorded. The real number of cases could be significantly higher. In Grenada there are a total of 5,857 cases of COVID-19. Grenada is placed on a level 4 travel restriction. It has been recommended to not travel there even if you have been vaccinated.

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