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Dominican Republic flagDominican Republic

Location: Hispaniola
Population: 10.85 mil (2020)
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The Dominican Republic is in the West Indies. It takes up more than two thirds of the space near Hispaniola. After both the French and Spanish rule, the island of the Dominican Republic branched off and became its own independent nation in 1844.  The United States recognized the Dominican Republic on September 17th, 1866.

In the Dominican Republic healthcare services are affordable. However, this does not mean the standard is always good. Healthcare is split into two tiers. Government sponsored free health care and private health care services.  Though these services are free, they are lacking in areas. Facilities and medicine are among the many things that are lacking when comparing free government health care to different private practices.

In certain areas HIV has been one of the leading causes of deaths. The age ranges of 15-49 seem to be affected the most. HIV was originally reported in The Dominican Republic in the 1980’s and began to spread from there. Heterosexual Intercourse was seen as the number one transmitter of the virus., Sex at early ages or high birth rates among adolescent women have been contributors to the increase in HIV.

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