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Dominica flagDominica

Location: Caribbean
Population: 71,991 (2020)
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Dominica lies between two French islands. This country has been a longstanding member of the Commonwealth since 1978. The island itself is 29 miles in length and 16 miles wide. The island is formed from a volcanic eruption. Many different volcanoes are spread across the island.

Much of the health services in Dominica are paid by tax dollars. In 2011 the amount of government spending on health was 4.2% of GDP. Dominica has four main hospitals. There is only one public hospital in Dominica that handles operations and surgery. The country overall is split into seven different districts. Each of these districts have their own clinic that allows people quick and easy access to health care. There are also private clinics that require cash up front for service.

HIV prevalence is estimated to be at .75%. Of that percentage 70% are males. HCV has a prevalence of 1.59% in the entire population. In Dominica there are a total of 4,961 cases of COVID-19. Dominica is listed as a level 4 travel advisory due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The government of Dominica has administered at least 50,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccination.  COVID-19 cases overall are decreasing in Dominica.

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