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Belize flagBelize

Location: Central America
Population: 397,621 (2020)
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Belize is located on the coast of Central America. Belize is often confused to be a Caribbean Island.  Belize is a place of many mountains, swamps, and jungles. To its North is Mexico.  Guatemala follows from the west and southern areas. The southern part of Belize is covered by the Maya Mountains. It is a group of rocks that have begun to erode into valleys and hills.

In Belize, healthcare is handled by different public and private healthcare systems. Public healthcare is available to the whole population at no extra direct cost. Belize has around 60 public health clinics. Since healthcare is free some hospitals have faced different funding problems due to various reasons. Mental health is another thing that the government has focused time into. In the 90’s there was a program released that allowed nurse practitioners to participate in community care. Belize has one of the highest prevalence of HIV in Central America. Within adults it is seen that approximately 1.8% have HIV. It is seen that HIV is the third leading cost of death. Regarding HCV only 1.85% of the national population was affected by it as of 2019.

Belize has administered over 300,000 doses of the -19 vaccination. Since each vaccination may require 2 shots, this equates to around 44% of the population being vaccinated. Just as other countries have done, Belize has implemented many different lockdown measures to stop the spread of the virus.

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