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Barbados flagBarbados

Location: Eastern Caribbean
Population: 287,371 (2020)
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Barbados is the most eastern country within the Caribbean. Barbados was originally two separate pieces of land that merged due to continental drift of plates. Some of the first indigenous people of Barbados were the Amerindians that came from Venezuela. The first English settlers came around May 14th, 1625, under John Powell. People who had good financial wealth and relationships with other people were given land. Agriculture played a big role within the economy. Because of this, sugar cane was introduced as a crop to be grown along with many other things.

In Barbados, citizens are covered under universal health care at polyclinics and one hospital. There are many different private medical clinics throughout the country. The polyclinics are set across the country to be used by citizens. Pharmacies are available for use by different visitors. Things such as these exemplify the accessibility that Barbados health care has.

Barbados has an HIV prevalence in the population of 1.5% among people aged 15- 49. Among these individuals that have HIV 90% of them are aware of it. Treatment for this virus can be found at national treatment centers.  The national Strategic Plan was put in place to help regulate these numbers. This project was able to make things more accessible and convenient for the citizens of the country. It is said that there is a 1.78% prevalence of HCV among the population in Barbados.

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