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Antigua and Barbuda flagAntigua and Barbuda

Location: Eastern Caribbean                                     
Population: 97,928 (2020)
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The Lesser Antilles is formed by the islands of Antigua and Barbuda. These islands were originally visited by Christopher Columbus in the year of 1493. When these islands were colonized agriculture became a big part of the economy. The main crops of these islands were tobacco until it was seen that sugar brought in more money overall. Slaves were among the many commodities of this country since agriculture was so profitable. Today Antigua and Barbuda operate under a constitutional monarchy. The British monarch is known as the nominal head of state.

In Antigua and Barbuda there are six different medical districts. Each of these districts have a head known as the district medical officer. They help carry out the different medical services. Health centers are responsible for the healthcare throughout the country. Each of these health centers are located three kilometers from each other. The overall health of the country is managed by the Ministry of Health. The government provides healthcare to the inhabitants of its country. The government has provided free cost of medication and medical service to people who are diagnosed with chronic non-communicable diseases.

As of 2019 there are 1,514 people who have HCV. HCV does not pose as much of a threat as HIV has. When comparing the numbers of the two diseases HIV has played a much bigger part in the country.

Many countries such as Antigua and Barbuda have been placed under travel restrictions for various reasons related to COVID-19. Wearing a mask is mandatory within Antigua and Barbuda.  It has been stated that Antigua and Barbuda have a confirmed 4,069 cases of COVID-19.

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