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The AETC Capitol Region Telehealth "Power Podcast" series allows you to listen to experts in the field from your computer or mobile device. Designed for the busy professional, you can learn about cultural competence in the treatment of HIV/AIDS from your office or "On-The-Go."

Individualizing HIV Care: Choosing the Right Therapy for Each Patient

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About the Speaker

Wilbert C. Jordan, M.D., M.P.H.

Wilbert C. Jordan, M.D., M.P.H., is the medical director of the OASIS Clinic of King/Drew Medical Center. Dr. Jordan has been involved with the AIDS epidemic from its recognition and in 1983 reported the first heterosexual case of HIV in Los Angeles County. He has seen and treated over 3,000 patients. Dr. Jordan was part of the NIH/FDA/National Medical Association Committee that formulated the design of the NIH sponsored DATRI Study on low dose oral alpha interferon. He has served on the Los Angeles County HIV Planning Council and the Prevention and Planning Committee since their inceptions. Dr. Jordan has also been the medical director for the Minority AIDS Project since its creation and chaired the Black Los Angeles AIDS Consortium for the past 12 years. He has been on the board of directors of the AIDS Research Alliance for several years. His areas of research have included the following: genotyping to confirm drug resistance to anti-retroviral therapy; comparing the anti-retroviral activity and tolerability of different treatment regimens; and, focused interventions for identifying new HIV-positive clients through active patients.