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The AETC Capitol Region Telehealth "Power Podcast" series allows you to listen to experts in the field from your computer or mobile device. Designed for the busy professional, you can learn about cultural competence in the treatment of HIV/AIDS from your office or "On-The-Go."

HIV and Illicit Drug Users: Part I

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Let's Talk Prevention Question and Answer Session

Each webinar includes a section devoted to questions from the audience and answers from our speaker. Learn how this week's topic touches on real-life care:

Caroline Sang: If a patient has a severe mental issue and is unable to take his antiretroviral medications should we elect not to give him the antiretroviral medications?

Dr. Davis: No, When you see a severe mental health issue, if you’re talking about something like bipolar make sure he is on his medications. Control the mental health first, and then control the HIV because this is really important. We find a large number percentage of folks with mental health issues are not able to negotiate safe sex. So, if we have a person who is not being treated for their mental illness who is HIV positive we are increasing the probability of HIV transmission within our community. So, we need to make sure the mental health is under control, but we also need to make sure the HIV is under control too. And often times, folks with mental illness have a support system sometime it’s a Mom, sometime it’s a sibling that can help out. But controlling the HIV is extremely important, it is extremely important.

I Jean DavisAbout the Speaker. I. Jean Davis, Ph.D., P.A., AAHIVS, is an HIV Specialist at Desert AIDS Project Team. She has decades of HIV Education and Clinical Care. She became a faculty member of the AIDS Education Training Centers in the early 90s. She became board certified nearly 10 years later as an HIV Specialist. She has trained 100s of provider in the area of HIV and related issues and provided care for 100s of persons with HIV and their families.

Dr. Davis received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychobiology prior to pursing a professional career as a Physician Assistant. She was one the first 300 PAs to be licensed to practice medicine in the State of California. Dr. Davis continued her education and received a Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy and a Doctoral in Chiropractic Medicine. She was the first person in California to have the dual licensing as a Chiropractor and a Physician Assistant. Dr. Davis returned to school and completed a PhD in Preventive Medicine. She also has a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Research.

Her faculty positions have included Chiropractic Colleges, Physician Assistant Programs and Medical Schools. She has held faculty positions at Cleveland Chiropractic College, Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science and UCLA, Geffen School of Medicine.