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The Howard University HIV-HCV Caribbean Clinicians Community of Practice (CCoP)


Howard University HIV Telehealth Training Center (HU TTC) is developing an innovative distance-based Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C virus (HCV) training program for Caribbean clinicians who are interested in honing their skills in HIV and HCV testing, diagnosis, treatment, care and support.

The rationale for the Howard University HIV-HCV Caribbean Clinicians Community of Practice Program (CCCoP) is that despite a reported decline in HIV prevalence in the Caribbean over the past three decades, and despite its small population size, the Caribbean has continued to be branded with the second-highest HIV prevalence globally, after sub-Saharan Africa. Similarly, the percentage of people in the Caribbean with suppressed viral loads is well below the global average.

The project seeks to improve the clinical outcomes of Caribbean People Living with HIV (PLWH) and HCV by increasing the size and technical capacity of the Caribbean clinical workforce on best practices for HIV and HCV diagnosis, prevention, treatment, risk-reduction counseling and support.

The program engages Caribbean clinicians in capacity building through distance-based lectures. Using adult learning techniques, HU- CCCoP subject-matter expert faculty will instruct course participants in utilizing the latest science in HIV/HCV treatment and management to enhance their clinical skills. 

Accompanying the didactic component of the training will be related case-based studies. Case-based studies allows for participants to be actively engaged in problem solving and can strengthen analytical and decision-making skills in complex clinical situations. Participants will also be invited to participate in monthly structured Communities of Practice (CoP) opportunities. CoP is aimed at helping clinicians improve on their approaches to clinical decision making and problem solving via practice guidelines.

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