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AETC Telehealth Training Centers Program (TTCP)

See the AETC National Resource Center’s TTCP Page for continual updates. Also see the AETC National Resource Center for highlights, information for trainers and clinicians, and additional information on the AETC program.

Program Description

This program expands access to and improves healthcare and health outcomes through telehealth technology for hard-to-reach, HIV-positive persons in medical care residing in historically underserved communities. The efforts of the TTCP will enhance the capacity of health care providers engaged in HIV/AIDS health care delivery systems within a region or State through the utilization of telehealth technology for:

  • Clinical consultation which may include the use of case presentations and patient co-management;
  • Other education and training modalities that result in a continuum of longitudinal learning opportunities for trainees; and
  • Development of an informed support system for trainees.

Grantee Information

Northwest AETC ECHO 
University of Washington - Northwest AIDS Educationa and Training Center (AETC) 

Natalia Martinez-Paz, MA, MPA 
Program Coordinator 
Phone: 206-543-2704 

Health, Education, Assessment, and Research in Telehealth 
University of Arkansas - Delta Region AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC)

Jon Allen, PA 
Phone: 501-296-1682
See the UAMS Telehealth Portal for additional information

Mountain-Midwest HIV Telehealth Initiative 
University of Colorado - Mountain Plains AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC) 

Lindsay O'Connell 
Phone: 303-724-0821 

Pacific HIV Learning Network 
University of California San Diego - Pacific AIDS Educationa and Training Center (AETC)

Moira Mar-Tang, MPH, CHES 
Phone: 619-471-9521 

The Southern Central AIDS Education Telehealth Training Center 
The University of Kentucky - Southeast AIDS Education and Training Center (SAETC)

Takako Schaninger, MD 
Phone: 859-381-5818 

Telehealth AETC Appalachian Project 
University of Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania/Mid-Atlantic AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC) 

Linda Frank, PhD, MSN, ACRN, FAAN 
Phone: 859-381-5818 

Tri-State Telehealth Advancement Network (TITAN) 
University of South Carolina - Southeast AIDS Education and Training Center (SAETC)

Adrena Harrison, RN, MSN, ACRN 
Phone: 803-545-5403 

Florida/Caribbean Telehealth Education Training Center 
University of South Florida - Florida/Caribbean AIDS Education and Training Center (F/C AETC)

Jeffrey Beal, M.D. 
Phone: 239-839-4645 

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