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The Howard University MSI HIV/HCV Prevention Program (MSI-H2P)


More About the Howard University MSI HIV/HCV Prevention Program (MSI-H2P)

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The MSI-H2P builds on the successful Gilead-funded HBCU H3P project that addressed HIV and HCV prevention on the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The proposed project will train campus health service providers on effective HCV and HIV testing and counselling approaches including PrEP; as well as the medical management of HCV/HIV co- infections among young adults.

The project will expand our social marketing campaign targeting students to raise their awareness of the HIV and HCV threat and how to reduce their personal risk of infection. Thus; the MSI HIV/HCV Prevention Program (MSI- H2P) is designed to strengthen the HIV/HCV clinical knowledge and skills of student health center clinicians on the campuses of MSIs and concomitantly educate students about how to safeguard their health. In so doing, the MSI-H2P contribute to better health outcomes relative to HIV and HCV for students who attend MSIs.


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