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resourcesResources: Information for Providers in Georgia

Welcome to the portal page of resources for healthcare professionals, health care organizations and health care networks who provide treatment, care and support to individuals diagnosed with HIV in Georgia.
Resources from the Community

  • AID Atlanta - is the largest non-profit HIV healthcare organization in the Southeast and transforms lives with a continuum of care that provides access, linkage, and retention to HIV care. The Agency serves over 5,000 patients yearly.
  • The AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta (ARCA) - founded in 1988, is one of the first and most successful non-profit community-based HIV/AIDS research center for treatment and prevention research, education, and free HIV/STD testing services. They have formed a collaboration with over 50 physicians and 5 public health clinics to conduct clinical drug trials.  Further, ARCA also has emerged as a center for HIV prevention research. ARCA offers free anonymous HIV rapid testing & free confidential STD testing.
  • The Georgia AIDS Coalition.  This is a not-for-profit corporation created in 1989.  Its purpose is to act as an education resource for the formation and articulation of public policy regarding HIV infection, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted infections.

Resources from the Professional Literature

  • 2012-2015 State of Georgia Statewide Comprehensive HIV Services Plan. Georgia Department of Public Health Division of Health Protection HIV Office Ryan White Part B.  The Comprehensive HIV/AIDS services’ planning outlines activities undertaken by the Georgia Department of Public Health Ryan White Part B state and local programs, the Metropolitan Atlanta Part A Planning Council, and Ryan White Part C, D and F programs across the state assist the decision-making process in the development and maintenance of a system of care and support for persons living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) in Georgia.
  • Georgia HIV Surveillance Data. Georgia Department of Public Health. Data, fact sheets and summaries. Data from 2007 to most current year reported.
  • Georgia – 2015 State Health Profile
  • AIDSVU (2013). Highlights of HIV data for Georgia. It provides the prevalence and new diagnosis data at state and local levels, and by different demographics, including age, race and sex. 
  • HIV/AIDS Portal. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Includes access to rates per state via the NCHHSTP Atlas.

Resources from the Press

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