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resourcesResources: Information for Providers in Alabama

Welcome to the portal page of resources for healthcare professionals, health care organizations and health care networks who provide treatment, care and support to individuals diagnosed with HIV in Alabama.
   Resources from the community

  • Alabama-2015 Health Profile.
  • Alabama Department of Public Health. Statistics, quarterly, annual, and special reports.  The mission of the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, in collaboration with community partners, is to reduce the incidence of HIV infections, to increase life expectancy for those infected and to improve the quality of life for persons living with or affected by HIV.
  • AIDSUV (2013). Alabama HIV Data. Highlights prevalence, people living with diagnosed HIV in 2013, and demographic data.
  • AIDS Alabama. Provides services to HIV positive individuals in rural Alabama. This community based organization is devoted to helping people with HIV/AIDS live healthy, and independent lives with dignity.
  • Birmingham AIDS Outreach. Provides food, financial assistance, counseling and educational services to people with HIV.
  • The Health Services Center, Inc. Provides medical care and support to HIV-positive clients without regard for social background, race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or ability to pay.
  • Jefferson County AIDS in Minorities (Birmingham). Provides culturally sensitive HIV/AIDS prevention education in the minority communities of the greater Birmingham metropolitan area.

Resources from the Press

Resources from the AETC Capitol Region Telehealth Project

  • On-The-Go Power Podcast Series. Ongoing series that discusses topics of interest to clinicians in Washington, DC.
  • eRounds. Archived webinar segments that discuss case studies of patients that providers may encounter in practice in Washington, DC.
  • Knowledge Center. Access to over 500 online resources related to telehealth, HIV/AIDS, and cultural and linguistic competence.

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